ESPN Interactive Campaigns


ESPN approached WK with a small opportunity to help them market their programs both internally on and externally. Since we also handled their media at this time, there was a lot of integration for the media and creative strategy which I helped supervise along with the media director. ESPN is one of the web’s largest properties – the third most popular site in the US – and I was tasked with banner campaigns that had not hundreds but sometimes thousands of iterations based on geographic location, sizes and show time tables.


Looking over the current production path, I proposed a new system that would ease the production and implementation of all of our creative workflow. This made the job easier for the art directors who could then just hand off elements to the production artists – and with the system we developed, banners were able to be produced in a quarter of the time, and with more targetting, less problems and easier implementation.


We took the load off our small team, and took the load off of ESPN and ran one successful campaign after another like clockwork.


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Interaction Designer
Interactive Consultant
Creative Director
Digital Producer @ WK