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CellularONE Refresh

As one of the last independent wireless providers in California, CellularONE of San Luis Obispo has offered cutting edge services in mobile and data since 1995. Having concentrated solely on building up their technology and services along the Central Coast, they had not spent a lot of time updating their image. The Agency for Holistic Branding was brought in to breathe life back into their website and overall communications – and bridging the gap between their technological backoffice and the face they present to consumers. Check out the work we did in visual and information design, and delivered a dynamic site for the sales office to update on their own with new phones and products as they come in


Nike NYC Summer Hoops & Mobile Campaign

Nike New York hosts a summer streetball tournament every year and brought us a very modest budget with which we managed to use for blog updates as well as on the court mobile updates and text mob style blasts that will alert New York City basketballers to the celebrity appearances they have scheduled throughout the summer. For the first time ever, we also created an interactive map with all the court locations and territories marked by league.


ESPN Interactive Campaigns

Here are some samples from assorted banner campaigns such as Monday Night Football, NASCAR, Busch Series, ESPNU, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and many many more. In addition to all of this, I streamlined ESPN’s banner production in 2006 and got them on an XML toolkit based server- saving thousands of dollars and man hours and securing steady income for our new digital department.


Course & Lectures: Public Space + Interactivity

For the past 3 years I’ve been heading to Holland in the spring to teach a few courses at the University of Amsterdam’s technical school Hogeschool Van Amsterdam. The minor is aptly called Content In Motion and the students are taken through the basics of branding, interactivity, urban planning and experience design.


NOKIA – Massively Multimaker Films

While at Wieden+Kennedy London, I had the pleasure to work on Nokia, fresh in WK’s hands. I was brought in to help bring digital thinking to the table and connect it to the brand work that was being developed. It was with the team here that we birthed the idea for using mobile phones to create films with big name directors, using existing editing software such as Jumpcut. Here is where the project stands now:


NIKE Research Videos

Talking to consumers to prove a point or make a discovery about a product is always a neccesity. Below are some videos done for Nike around their Soccer and Running events.

All videos were directed and shot by Peter Sutherland.

Harvard/Koolhaas: Project on the City Moscow

During my final semester at the Harvard GSD, I was one of a handful of selected researchers to co-curate a show on Russian 1960’s and ’70s Archictecture and Urbanism in Moscow called Utopian?

The show was in conjunction with the Russian government and scheduled to take place at the state run MUAR, the Schusev Museum of Architecture.



While in Amsterdam I got to guest vocalize and write on-the-spot lyrics for a disco track produced by my friends Marco Sterk and Meik De Swaan.
Flux Capacitor (rough)

Nike Air Force 25 Mashup & Mobile

2007 marked the 25th year since the launch of Nike’s Air Force One line. To celebrate this special occasion, Nike Basketball and WK (New York and Portland offices) created a campaign called “The Second Coming” with a spot featuring LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Rasheed Wallace, Jermaine O’Neal, Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, and Chris Paul playing the ultimate pick-up game and launched several sites and full 360 campaign celebrating the history of the Air Force One line. During my time as Director of Interactive, I headed up two efforts in particular; a video mashup site, and a mobile interface for this campaign.


AXE Interactive Campaigns

During my time at BBH (2002-2004) I worked on several websites for the Unilever brand AXE. My main contribution was streamlining production and helping set up the department with Matt Campbell and Chris Berger. Above and beyond that, I would chip in with some flash coding help, some design prepping and sometimes even help record the audio tracks and edit the video aside from pulling together all the 3D, flash and traditional campaign elements.